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Las Vegas is the place to see and be seen. From the best restaurants, high end shopping, and the hottest clubs. Vegas dot com is the newest movement to take on this twenty-hour entertainment capital. Do not miss the opportunity to own a piece of Vegas dot com and all its potential. Knowing that Las Vegas is home to the hottest nightclubs, it only makes sense that with the sweltering heat of the Vegas summer sun; that the next big thing in Las Vegas entertainment within Sin City’s service industry- dayclubs. Owning a domain name like dayclubs.vegas has endless possibilities. Dayclubs.vegas will open doors to help you guide the thousands of men and women looking to soak up the sun while drinking and dancing in a club like atmosphere at many of the Strip’s hottest pools. Dayclubs are not trademarked, so Vegas is the best city in which to capitalize on using it in reference to a domain venture.

Wondering about bottle service or VIP action at a dayclub? Don’t fret, the dayclub offers private cabanas for those looking for a little privacy and a plush place to relax. The dayclub is the perfect way to lie in the sun, sipping a margarita, showing off your hot new bikini and dancing to enjoy the days of your Vegas vacation. Why shuffle into the same old club scene with darkened dance floors, crowded, and jam packed bars? The dayclub is the newest trend in the Vegas entertainment scene. Almost every casino or strip property has created their own dayclub scene. From air-misted cabanas, to bottle service, to bikini clad cocktail waitresses, and the latest djs, the dayclub concept has exploded. You come to Vegas to party- so why not make the most of your trip, and party at the dayclub take a nap and then party at the traditional nightclubs until the wee hours of the morning.

Most people are familiar with the common club culture. You head out the door late in the evening- to long lines, cover charges, and attire requirements at the hottest spots. Clubs give its patrons the best of many worlds- drinking, dancing, great music, and the chance to mingle. Vegas is one of the premiere destinations for the 20-30 something crowd from around the world to come and get their party on. However, in recent years, Vegas has ventured into a new arena of the club scene. With scorching summer heat and crisp, cool swimming pools, someone thought of dayclubs as the newest concept. Why wait for people to get in line at night to party? Why not cash in on these partiers twice- at night and during the day, when most likely they’ll be nursing their hangovers and working on their tans by the pool. The dayclub takes the music, the drinking, and the action of the nightclub and moves it poolside.

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