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The Las Vegas summers are known for their sweltering heat and the scorching sun. The many pools of the Las Vegas strip stand as refreshing oases in the barren desert. Las Vegas is revamping its nocturnal entertainment scene to include some adult day time versions. Every one remembers lounging by the pool and pretending to some big, rich celebrity when were little. Well enter in the concept of the poolclub. Las Vegas has taken partying in the desert to a new level. The poolclub venues occur pretty much where ever there is an outdoor or rooftop pool along the Strip or Downtown Vegas. Vegas dot com provides an online database of any local Las Vegas poolclub. Poolclub.vegas is the ultimate domain name for those in the service industry looking to branch into the poolclub scene. Poolclub.vegas can provide more publicity for an already established poolclub or create buzz for a new poolclub.

What is a poolclub one might ask? It is a new phenomenon only unique to Las Vegas? A poolclub takes the party atmosphere of the traditional night club- high energy music, large dance floor, large crowds, and bars and combines it with the setting of an outdoor or rooftop pool. A poolclub still relies on an attractive staff to serve drinks, deliver food, and create a party mood. A poolclub allows the guest to be as inactive or interactive in the poolclub scene as much as they like. Lounge by the pool or in a private cabana or bungalow. Order bottle service or splurge for the VIP treatment & party the right way. A poolclub lets the party-goer drink and dance all while working on their tan. The poolclub vibe still allows the guest to get the experience of the nightclub, but out in the open air and while taking dip in a refreshing pool.

The poolclub is then newest summertime destination for the twenty to thirty year old set. Almost any Strip poolclub will open in the late spring and close in the early fall. This is to ensure that they maximize the summer heat. A new type of poolclub has also been making a debut. The topless poolclub is making a big splash, allowing patrons to sunbathe or that allow cocktail servers to serve topless. Another new way to change up the poolclub is to cater to groups such as lgbt. The novelty of the poolclub has yet to wear off and here to stay for now.


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